Capstone Academy


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"Our son, Jackson, has thrived at Capstone!
Amanda, Ashley and the entire staff have brought out the very best in Jackson- both academically and socially.......doing it all at HIS pace in a safe, nurturing and fun environment. They have gone above and beyond for Jackson more times than I can count, ensuring that he has the best experience possible during his time at school. Jackson is so much happier, energetic and engaging since he started at Capstone.
Capstone is the absolute PERFECT fit for our son. This school has truly changed Jack’s life."
-Kendra and Peter Hogan, parents

"I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with the professionalism, patience, energy, and genuine love for the students that I see in your staff.

I hope that you are really proud of what you have been building; it is AMAZING! I cannot imagine Nick being anywhere else and am so grateful for the help that he is receiving at Capstone."

-Maureen S, parent

"I am the very proud mother of a Capstone graduate and his brother who is a currently enrolled student.
My trust for the staff of Capstone has grown very quickly based on their continually putting the needs of my sons first.
After many years of schooling for both boys in different environments, it is refreshing
To find an institution sincerely dedicated to preparing children with challenges for an independent lifestyle after graduation. Their approach is to systematically provide what the child needs, not what the school district will pay for. That is one of the many reasons why this school and the children attending will prosper."

-Carol, parent

"Our daughter came to Capstone this past September. She has made huge progress both behaviorally and socially. The entire team at Capstone, from Amanda to the one-to-one staff have put my daughter's needs first, and have allowed her to grow at her own pace. Her programming is tailored specifically to where she is functionally, academically and behaviorally. Capstone Academy has been a great blessing to our whole family."

-Stacy B, parent