Related Services

Students who require related services, including speech therapy and occupational therapy receive those services at Capstone Academy.  Related service providers are an integral part of the IEP team and IEP development.  Capstone Staff and the related service providers work collaboratively in an ongoing manner to help support all areas of development for students.

Speech Therapy

Medley and Mesaric Therapy Associates provides all speech services at Capstone Academy, including direct therapy, consultation, and training.  Consultation and/or training is provided to classroom staff to support the needs of students and to transfer skills that are being worked on in direct therapy sessions.   In addition, MMTA staff provide school-wide trainings to staff as part of the annual preservice workshops.  Topics may include social engagement, social cognition (including Theory of Mind), pragmatic language (including conversation skills), and communicative behavior strategies. MMTA brings years of experience working with students with significant social and communication needs from kindergarten through graduation and beyond.


Capstone Academy employs a full-time occupational therapist.  Students receive services, including consultation and/or direct services, based on their needs as determined through the IEP process.

Direct occupational therapy intervention may include various techniques to support the acquisition of all daily leaving skills,  always keeping a focus on the student’s overall strength and the underlying foundation supporting the skills targeted. 

Consultation is provided to classroom staff, in order to carry over recommended strategies into the classroom activities.  In addition, consultation may be provided between related service providers, as well as other team members.